Titan GPU is a fully remote company.

No need to move for your dream job. We hire globally. You work locally. With this freedom comes a lot of personal responsibility and we are a team of independent people. We put a lot of effort into good communication and collaboration across teams, which makes sure we get things done fast and smart.

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You love to code slick and fast web apps. You take pride in products you build. You believe React and components are the future. You live and breathe JavaScript, HTML & CSS. Webpack is your bread and Babel is the butter. Sound like you? Then, you'll fit right in!


You will be a part of our backend team working on keeping the Titan GPU service up and running and making sure that our users get the right data at the right time. You can work from anywhere in the world.

React Native

You will be responsible for architecting and building our Android and iOS apps, as well as coordinating with the teams responsible for other layers of the Titan GPU infrastructure.

Communication is to remote work what oxygen is to life. We are open and collaborative. At our weekly all-hands video calls, we share project updates and learn new skills from each other on topics ranging from online marketing to building spaceships and making sauerkraut.
We are one hell of a team. We work for common goals and always have each others' backs. Every few months, we travel to meet up and spend quality time together. This keeps our ties strong and helps us see the human faces behind the Slack avatars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hiring process like?

We are kind of on a mission to revolutionize how hiring is done. Instead of resumes, we focus on the real skills of applicants. Writing resumes and cover letters is a pain, and scanning through endless resumes takes hundreds of hours of our time, with no way to gauge true aptitude until someone is on the job. So, we do this with skill testing that eliminates the guesswork for everyone by assessing candidates’ skills right from the start.

Here is how our skills-based hiring works:
  1. Skills Test: Short online quiz to evaluate the basic skills and knowledge for each position.
  2. Assignment: We manually review all the tests that pass the set minimum threshold and invite top candidates to complete a take-home assignment or a live coding task along with an interview so that we can better understand your experiences and expectations.
  3. Test Week: Candidates who excel with the assignment and interview are invited to join our team for 3-5 days of paid work so that we can all experience what it would be like to work together.
  4. CEO Interview: Quick interview with our CEO for you to both ask final questions about each other.
The process may differ slightly depending on the role, but we will always place the greatest value on job-specific skills and remote work skills when making hiring decisions.

How is the test score calculated?

Our skills tests consist of multiple choice, single data entry, and some open text questions. Both the multiple choice and single data entry questions are scored automatically when you complete the test. For candidates who meet our minimum score threshold after this first round, a real person then reviews the answers submitted for the open text questions.

How long will it take to get feedback about my application?

Your test score based on your responses to multiple choice and single data entry questions will be displayed immediately after finishing the test. If you score above the set threshold for the position, we aim to have a real person review your open text answers (not included in the test score) within 2-3 weeks, but this may differ depending on the number of applications. As we get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications for each position, we are only able to reach out to people who advance to the next round.

How many times can I try a test?

Each candidate can only take a test once and it is not possible to retake a test. However, we might have other openings in the future with new tests. You are welcome to keep an eye on our jobs page for new openings and try any of our new tests.

Where can I submit my resume?

We only consider candidates who take the skills tests posted on our jobs page. Instead of resumes, we want to see your real skills and only applicants who do well on the test will be considered further. The goal of the test is to evaluate candidates on the basic job skills we require for each position. Candidates who advance to the next rounds will get to demonstrate their knowledge through more elaborate assignments and trial work. We may or may not ask for your resume in the later rounds.

Isn’t it unfair to use tests?

We believe using equal, quantifiable terms to assess candidates’ skills is more fair than having humans reading resumes with their conscious or unconscious biases. We get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications for each position and the skills tests help us to evaluate whether a candidate has the basic job skills that we require.

We also realize that the tests don't fully describe a candidate's expertise and personality. That is why candidates who advance to the next rounds will get to demonstrate their knowledge through more elaborate assignments, trial work, and interviews.

Have a question?

Ask us. Our Support Teams can help you find answers.